Working with Realtors throughout Northern Virginia over the past six years, I get asked a lot of questions about technology, blogging, websites, and more. Having an online presence important, and there is no better way than an informative blog on your real estate website. It’s a huge tool, especially for those agents who understand why creating effective content results in online leads, clients, business, and commissions.

Why Do I Need a Blog?

A blog is a HUB or an online platform that allows you to broadcast your vast real estate knowledge, what you do, how you do it, and why someone should work with you. A blog is where you get to “show off” and tell the world about your value proposition. A blog also lives forever online just waiting to be discovered by your ideal client. Especially those prospects searching for answers to real estate-related questions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your blog also can be shared on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When this content is shared and syndicated, it has the power to reach thousands of people!

Having the ability to grow viewership and an interested audience is important. When your blog is updated with new content, the subscribers receive an email with your content. It keeps you fresh, relevant, and valuable to clients and future clients.


This is a huge reason to have a blog. Imagine having hundreds of ways to be discovered online 24/7? If you have a hundred blog posts about different topics, that means you more than likely answered a hundred different real estate-related questions or covered topics. Every new blog post with the proper “meta-tags” can be several added pages of index-able content to the search engines. If you also shoot and post videos on YouTube (Google owns YouTube) that factor multiplies. This is where it gets fun. Imagine having people from around the country either reading or watching the content you created all the time. It is the perpetual wheel of real estate marketing.  Most agents don’t take these steps to grow this type of exposure, which is exactly why you should. You don’t blog because it is “trendy” or someone says you should, but it allows you to cast a massive net out to the world. If you are a first-time reader of this website (Thank you!) how did you get here??


Top Blogging Tips

Write your blog on a website you own, like a custom WordPress site. The SEO plugins and abilities are extremely powerful. Set a schedule and post content on a regular basis. This means, once a week but more often is better as you begin. Most of the work is in the front because you need to build up your portfolio of content. Syndicate your blog to social media channels, email to your database, and more.

Once you start to grow an audience, tell them to subscribe to your blog and why they should. Make sure your blog is full of educational content that makes your target audience smarter and adds value to you. Boring content is death. Lastly, take the time to learn some SEO (search engine optimization) basics, because as you are spending the time to create the content, it makes sense to learn basic steps to have it live on the top of a Google search result.

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