I probably have 5-7 conversations a week with Title salespeople all over the country. It’s been this way for a handful of years now. I really enjoy talking to my fellow Title sales reps learning about their issues and discussing their businesses. What all this exposure has allowed me to do is see the reasons why a Title Insurance sales rep isn’t going to make it. Sorry…not everyone finds success in this business, but I figured if I shared the main reasons why certain reps don’t make it, others can avoid these pitfalls and start to take off in this great job called…Title Sales!

Bad use of Time

This is going to be an entire blog in itself soon, but in short, many Title reps waste their time doing things that don’t create business or money for themselves. Not always their fault, as their bad Title owners or sales managers give them bad advice. Such as:

  • Driving around to offices just to “check in.” Top agents aren’t in the office and if they are they are busy. Stop bothering them. Set up business appointments. If you get in your car, do it with purpose.
  • CE Classes: ALL agents need CE. We are targeting the top 7% of agents. They take CE at home on a computer. Time suck and little return.
  • 3-4 lunches a week. Why? You drive to the lunch, take up an hour or more and drive back. Another time suck. If it’s lunch with a top new client–Yes. A top Realtor is introducing you to another agent–Yes. Bringing a top lost customer back into your book–Yes. Other than that…keep lunches to a minimum.

Essentially the Title sales rep ends the week with a lot of “stuff” they did but little to no business to show for it. Use your time wisely and efficiently, like top producing Realtors do and you will see better results. Remember, your phone is a lot faster than your car!

They Struggle with Implementation

Listen, I can provide the best information and guidance possible, but if you don’t implement and DO the activities that lead to success…that’s on you. Many Title reps lack the true drive and motivation to really make it in this job. Being good is hard. Being mediocre is easy.

Failing to listen to great information because the implementation is hard or makes a rep uncomfortable is a top reason I see Title reps not making it. I have seen this many times firsthand with hires within my company or with coaching clients. It’s the implementation of the hard stuff that leads to success.

Bad Leadership

The next two reasons go together, but essentially an ongoing theme in my many discussions with Title reps is their leadership is usually mediocre or bad. Why? Well, not many Title Company leadership structures have ex-sales people on them. You have non-sales people making sales hires and then don’t know what to do with them. The other issue is the leadership of many of these medium to small Title Companies lacks the time, money, and expertise to properly train their sales reps.

Leadership wants the revenue, not sure how to make it happen. The sales rep asks for help, and the leadership doesn’t know how to solve that problem. This is usually when I get an email or a phone call. You have sales managers who don’t know how to teach and leaders who want the revenue and profit margin…never client-facing. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Little to No Training

I’ve been saying for a while now, that the lack of training is the biggest gap in our industry. Every year hundreds of reps get hired with very few training programs within those companies. Most of the time a Title rep is hired, and just sent out to the field with instructions to do most of the things on this list in hopes that some business comes along. Usually, the Title rep becomes frustrated, asks for training or help, and doesn’t receive any from the company and the cycle continues.

Looking for More Guidance? 

The good thing is there is help out there. You have this website, my YouTube channel and if you have been following along for a while now, I’m also taking on clients for Title Sales Coaching. With that said, my goal is to give you as much information upfront for free so you can grow your own business.

There are several more, but these are the top reasons why a Title Insurance sales rep isn’t going to make it. If you have questions or want to talk Title sales, just fill out the form below or email me at dctitleguy@gmail.com

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