Every now and again I post a blog that is a direct response to what I see and hear all the time from Real Estate agents, not only in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area but all over the country.  I hear agents talk about not really needing their websites because they primarily use Facebook to generate leads, paid ads, and to create the engagement they want.  There is nothing wrong with using Facebook, Twitter, or another Social Media site as a way to create engagement but I see a HUGE flaw in these agents strategies for the long haul.  Remember, for most people in our business, selling Real Estate is a marathon not a sprint.  If you have read any of my previous blogs and seen my videos you know that I feel your Real Estate website is your HUB where you are always looking to drive people.  So, lets talk about why Facebook is not your Real Estate website.

Facebook Terms and Conditions

Ok…so lets cover what we do know.  Facebook is a large social media platform that currently has over 1Billion people with accounts, so its way too big to ignore.  Everyone is on it so you should be as well.  The issue is you don’t own Facebook and have no control over how they run it.  If you have used Facebook for the past few years you know that they make changes to it all the time.  Most notably the “timeline” that came into affect about 1.5yrs ago.  As Facebook continues to evolve and change so does other things that can greatly impact how you use it and interact.  When the the timeline happened it changed how people see your posts.  As of now, you see the posts of people you interact with the most and vice versa.  In regards to Facebook Business pages only 16% or so of people can see what you post. 16%??  Think about that!

As a Real Estate agent would you want to make a platform your primary online medium if only 16% of people saw what you posted?  What if you had a new listing? Video? Housing market data?  And only a select few saw it?  Not good! That alone is why Facebook is not your Real Estate website.

Where Do Consumers Go for Information?

Scratch that…where do YOU go for information?  If I have a home buying/selling need or question is my first thought to run to Facebook?  No!  You go to Google, Yahoo, and Bing and type into the box what you are looking for.  Guess what…so do 99% of other people!   Facebook is a great tool and using is a must in my opinion.  You use Facebook to talk and interact with people you have current relationships with to strengthen those relationship, educate, and to drive them from Facebook to your Real Estate website…that you own.

At the end of the day you, your friends and family don’t want to be sold to.  They go to Facebook to see how you are doing, how are the kids, see pictures, talk and catch up with friends across the country.  They don’t want YOU to sell them or prospect for Real Estate.  Do you ever click on those ads on the far right? More than likely no and most Realtors I have spoken to have wasted a lot of money trying to gather business that way.  Again…people don’t like to be sold to on Facebook.

Does that mean you shouldn’t ever post Real Estate related things to your feed?  Of course you should!  But not all the time or people will TUNE YOU OUT!  Post the content and create a link back to your Real Estate website.  Get people to go there because your website should have all the information people are looking for.

Your Real Estate Website Should Contain and is the solution to:

  • Good Content that makes the consumer smarter and wanting more
  • Videos
  • Market Stats
  • Client Testimonials
  • Your Listings
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Calls to action
  • Is your Storefront online for consumers

Facebook as your Website

    • You don’t own it-terms and conditions can and do change
    • People go there to interact with friends and family not be sold to
    • People don’t go to Facebook for Real Estate (Google, Yahoo, Bing) when they have a need
    • Its a medium to drive people to your Real Estate Website via blog posts and videos
    • Only 16% of people see what you post from your Business Page

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