The fastest way to get video views to your real estate business is by using YouTube shorts. Not long ago, YouTube recognized that platforms like Instagram and SnapChat had ways for its users to watch very short-form video content and it was a success. YouTube then came out with “shorts” so its users could upload video content under 1 minute long to capture lots of views as people were more likely to watch shorter videos than some of its longer-form content.

An Agent’s Dream

Shorts is a real estate agent’s dream. Many Realtors have hesitation when it comes to video, Shorts is an easy way to implement video as part of your marketing plan and get views right away. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, so it would make sense to use the platform to get eyes on your real estate business. As of 2023 only around 26% of Realtors Nationwide had a YouTube channel, yet under 10% have an “active channel.” As YouTube is a free medium to promote and gain eyes to your real estate business these stats are shocking.

The ability to record a YouTube short and upload it to YouTube is easy. Any video you have ever recorded in under 1 minute on your phone can be uploaded to your YouTube channel as a short directly from your phone. Right now, you more than likely have YouTube content that can be uploaded today that can help you start to get eyes on your real estate business.

Dual Purpose

Here is the best part about using this type of short-form video content these same YouTube shorts can also be uploaded to Instagram as a reel! This can also work and vice versa. Any Instagram reel you have already uploaded can be reloaded onto YouTube as a short. This will help to create maximum exposure for your business across a microsite (Instagram) and a macro site (YouTube). This will help to increase your own “discoverability” from people who follow you or discover your content in an organic online search.


If growing your YouTube channel with long-form content with editing seems daunting, then YouTube shorts are something to focus on. Aside from the videos you have already created sitting inside your phone, think about what are simple topics that your audience would like to know about in 45-second to 1-minute videos. What questions do your clients ask you? What’s the market like where you do business? What problem on a transaction did you recently solve for a client? I tell my clients to not overthink it and just start going. As most agents won’t implement is the reason why you should.

Pro Tip

Over 80% of short-form videos are watched with no volume on. Go to the app store and download “Captions.” This application allows you to upload your videos into it and apply very specific and appealing captions for your videos. When you upload your videos into YouTube it will allow you to pick a still frame as a thumbnail. Find a still frame that has you saying a specific word that piques the interest of the viewer and name your video with a catchy title for ultimate success.

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