In a literal sense to most Realtors, prospecting is dialing for dollars, reaching out to their sphere of influence, or going to networking events.”Prospecting” is also something many Realtors don’t like to do. When I hear this I cringe a little, but I also remind them that video is the new real estate prospecting. This is when the Realtor usually cringes. If you don’t like to prospect OR make video content, something has to give. The job of a Realtor is to help people buy and sell homes. But how do you generate interest and grow your brand to get people to–buy and sell a home with you? The best way (in my opinion) is to pick up the phone AND make video content. Video is the new real estate prospecting.

Video Sells For You

I ask Realtors in meetings, “How many people do you want as raving fans of you as a Realtor?” They usually say they want as many people as possible. Great…how are you going to make that happen? They usually start telling me about direct mail, making calls, and other items but not saying things like–creating Instagram reels, or shooting videos for YouTube. The fastest way to spread information to the masses or your target audience is through online video content. The goal in my Title business is to have people know, like, and, trust me (at some level) BEFORE they ever meet me. Video is a great way to increase that likelihood.

Video IS Prospecting

The difference it is “reverse prospecting” because people are discovering or opting in to watch your content. Having your database or target audience watch, learn and have you build credibility with them IS the prospecting. They convert themselves into potential clients via your educational video content. Now, imagine taking that part of your business away entirely. Limiting your visibility and credibility that promotes your business 24/7? It makes things a little more difficult because now you have to make up for that lack of prospecting in other ways. And those other ways take up a lot more time and you lose that leverage.

Post Videos Where…

Thankfully with today’s technology, there are many platforms to post video content. You have to find your own way but I really like Instagram and YouTube. Instagram is the king of visual content for social media (for now) and it’s a great way to get shorter-form video content in front of your followers in the forms of “Stories” and “Reels.” YouTube is more macro as it is on a platform owned by Google and you can reach people all over the US and world with the right content.

If you are looking for video content ideas ask your sphere what videos you should create or think of the most frequent questions your clients ask you. Create video content about that! Set a goal as you are getting started shooting at least one video a week. By the end of the year, you will have made 52 videos and with that amount of content prospecting for you on various platforms, you will start to see inbound leads that turn into clients.

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